Turmeric and artichoke tortelloni


For turmeric dough
55g water
100g flour
1 tsp turmeric
For the filling
3 artichokes
30 cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
1 scallion


  • Transparent foil
  • 1 bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Blender


For the dough: mix flour, turmeric and water into a bowl until obtaining homogeneous dough. Add water or flour depending on the consistence. Wrap the dough with transparent foil and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.



Artichokes: clean the artichokes and cut them into thin slices. Brown the scallion in a pan with two spoons of olive oil. Add now the artichoke slices and cook them for 2 minutes. Add half glass of water and cook until artichokes are soft. Season them with salt and pepper.


Baked cherry tomatoes: wash the cherry tomatoes and season them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake tomatoes in a pre-heated oven (200 degrees) for 45 minutes. When tomatoes are completely cooked let them cooling for 10 minutes and then peel them. Divide tomatoes and their sauce in 2 small bowls. Blend half of them with the blender.

With the rolling pin or with the special machine, roll the dough. Cut the rolled dough with a knife into squares (5x5 cm each). Put 1 tsp of artichokes and 1 tsp of tomatoe (not blended one) at the centre of the square and close them forming a tortellone.