Spaghetti with 3 tomatoes

Spaghetti with 3 tomatoes and ricotta

Ingredients for 4 people 400g spaghetti 650g cherry tomatoes Salted ricotta 2 tbsp taggiasche olives Basil Salt and pepper Place 400g of cherry tomatoes on the baking paper and season them with 4 tbsp olive oil and salt. Bake for 30/40 minutes at 200°C. Once they are cooked and cool, remove the skin. Brown shallot in a pan with oil. In the meanwhile, cut 200g cherry tomatoes and add them to the pan with oil and shallot and cook for few more minutes. Add taggiasche olives and baked cherry tomatoes to the sauce. Cook for few more minutes to obtain a creamy sauce (medium heat). Cook the pasta in salty water and keep it very al dente and finish to cook it in the sauce for few minutes (add some cooking water to keep it creamy). Place spaghetti in a plate and add some sauce, raw cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta. Buon appetito!

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