Slow cooked egg with peas soup

Ingredients for 4 people4 eggs 1,5 kg of shelling peas 2 mint leaves Thyme Bread Oil Vegetable broth Speck (optional)

Slow cooked egg: for this recipe you need a slow cooker set at 63 °C. Put the eggs in the slow cooker filled with cold water and turn on. When the temperature reaches 63 °C let the eggs cooking for 55 minutes. After this time, put the eggs in cold water for 60 seconds and serve them.

Peas soup: shell and cook the peas in a pot with oil and shallot for 10 minutes on a medium heat. Now put the peas in a blender with mint, thyme, olive oil and vegetable broth. Blend until you get a soup consistency.

Bread: chop the bread, season with oil, thyme and salt and let it cook on a slow heat until it’s crispy. Serving: pour peas soup on the bottom, crack on the slow cooked egg and finish with crispy bread and speck if you want.


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