Poched eggs with polenta

Poched eggs with polenta and black bread crumble

2 eggs
50g polenta flour
400ml water
2 bread slices
1 tbsp charcoal
truffle oil
salt and pepper

For the polenta: boil water and add salt and polenta flour. Cook for few minutes until it gets denser. It should remain fluid so add some water if necessary.

For the black-bread crumble: blend bread slices to obtain a sandy consistency, add 2 tbsp of truffle oil and charcoal. Cook it in a pan for few minutes to brown the bread.

For the eggs: cover a small bowl with plastic wrap and oil the inner part. Pour the egg in it and wrap it making sure that there is no air in inside. In a pan, bring water to boiling temperature, turn down the heat, dip the small bags with eggs in the water and cook for 6 minutes circa.  

Plating: pour polenta on the bottom of a plate, place one poached egg on it and finish with black bread crumble.

poached eggs

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