Golden Milk

Ingredients for 1 Liter of Golden Milk

1 cup of blanched almonds*

1 teaspoon of cinnamon or vanilla

2 teaspoons of turmeric

black pepper (according to taste)

salt (according to taste)

15/20 drops DieteTic

* (To blanch the almonds yourself all you have to do is place them in boiling water for a few seconds, drain them and dry them with a paper towel. Then you can peel off the skin very easily with your hands.)

Soak the blanched almonds in water for 6 hours. After that, drain the almonds and put them in a blender together with 900 ml of water (take fresh water and not the same in which you have soaked the almonds) and blend for 2 minutes. Strain the mixture through a nut milk bag or sprout bag and collect the liquid.

Now add the DieteTic, cinnamon or vanilla and the turmeric and blend it all for about 1 minute.

You can keep the drink in your fridge for up to 5 days.



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