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Bottarga spaghetti with raw scampi

Ingredients for 4 people
350g spaghetti
8 scampi
4 tsp bottarga
1,5 l cold water
1 onion
half lime
2 garlic cloves
Olive oil
  • pastamolder
  • meat terderizer
  • toothpick
  • ladle
  • wrap
  • strainer


Scampi: remove the heads and save them for the broth. Remove the shell and the intestine using a toothpick. Put the wrap on the table, put 2 scampi on it and cover them with more wrap. Put the coppapasta over the scampi and hit them with the meat tenderizer until obtaining a disc. Put the 4 discs in the freezer at least for 40 minutes.

Fish broth: brown the onion inside a pot and then add scampi’s heads. Cook them for 5 minutes and then pour the cold water and simmer for other 20 minutes. Strain the broth. Spaghetti: put 4 spoons of olive oil in a pan with garlic cloves, brown them and add half of the bottarga. Meanwhile, boil spaghetti for half of the time advised on the package, strain them and put them in the pot with oil and bottarga. Pour a bit of the fish broth at a time and complete to cook the spaghetti inside the pot (as if it was a risotto). Once the spaghetti are ready, add the juice of half lime and 2 olive oil spoons.

Serving: 5 minute before serving take out the scampi discs from the freezer and put them in the middle of the plate. Using a big fork and a ladle, roll up the spaghetti and put them on the disc.

Complete with bottarga and lime zest.



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