Aubergine cannoli

Aubergine cannoli with ricotta and almonds

Ingredients 1 purple aubergine Potato starch Olive oil Garlic clove 4 perline aubergines 70g ricotta cheese Basil 20 cherry tomatoes Almonds Procedure Cut the purple aubergine into thin slices (on the long side) and bread it with potato starch. Using a cone mold, roll the aubergine slices and fry for 2/3 minutes. Let them rest for few minutes. Boil cherry tomatoes for few minutes in order to remove the skin. Blend them with oil, basil and salt and put it aside. Cut perline aubergines into cubes and stir fry them in a pan with olive oil. Then blend the cubes and add ricotta. Place the mixture in a pastry bag and fill the aubergine cones that you made before. Pour the cherry tomatoes sauce on the bottom of a plate, place the cones over it and finish with almond granola.

aubergine cannoli